2017 Indoor Pistol League

We want to congratulate our A, B and C class champions for the 2017 Indoor Pistol League.

Indoor Pistol Champs 2017
Left: Ron Davis (C Class), Chip Leutenegger (A Class), Marty Franks (B Class)

Also a big thank you to all the shooters that came and enjoyed the friendly competition. Below are the final scores for the league.

Season Averages:

A Class
Chip Leutenegger 279.75
Larry Leutenegger 279.13
Ricky Merritts 250.50
B Class
Marty 232.00
Chris Cherry 224.63
Wayne Shoeman 224.38
Ryan Mentel 221.00
Matt Shoeman 218.13
John Shoeman 216.75
Brian Young 211.50
Sharon Merritts 205.50
Kurt Farabaugh 204.00
Michael Kirchner 202.63
Tim Merritts 202.20
C Class
Ron Davis 194.75
Bill Metz 193.86
Adam 192.50
John Bartly 191.25
Scott Grace 176.00
Keith Hall 173.63
Rick Mentel 148.20
Marie 141.33

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