Blair Women Take Aim

The event will become available at 830AM on Aug. 1st

2022 PISTOL CLINIC Information! Scheduled for October 2nd 1-3pm or 3-5pm Cost is $20 per participant.

Over the course of 2 hours we will go over the basic use of your handgun and it’s safety features. We will then proceed to the open range and learn how to approach a shooting range safely and courteously. We will be doing live fire during this time with one on one safety instructors focusing on safe handling as well as proper technique. We suggest bringing at least 50 rounds of ammunition to shoot.

After we are done shooting at the range we will head back to the classroom and go over any learning experiences and teach each shooter the proper technique for cleaning your personal gun. A proper holster is recommended but not required.

You are required to bring:

  • A firearm
  • ammunition for that firearm
  • Yourself

You are recommended to bring:

  • A holster
  • gun manual
  • gun cleaning kit

Registration starts August 1st at 8:30am

2023 Date Selected! May 20th 2023

Registration for the 2023 event will begin on April 1st, 2023 at 8:30AM. Registration will be online only.

What is Blair Women Take Aim?

Blair Women Take Aim is an educational event that was designed as a way for women to experience shooting various types of firearms, while dispelling ‘myths’, in a safe and comfortable environment. One on one range instruction overcomes nervousness and builds confidence, especially for first time shooters! The mixture of shooting and non-shooting activities make for an enjoyable day that many have described as “empowering”.

Participants are formed into groups and rotated to different activities every 35 minutes.

Past activities included: .22 rifle, .22 handgun, trap shooting, muzzleloader, archery, axe throwing, wild edibles, stop the bleed and more. Volunteer instructors from the club and other local organizations others lend their experience and expertise to the various activities.

Thank you to our 2022 Sponsors! Without their support, this event would not be possible.

13 thoughts on “Blair Women Take Aim

    1. For this event we are not able to create a wait list for possible cancellations. If there are participants that cannot make the event they would have to find a replacement themselves, we are not providing any refunds. Keep an eye out for other smaller events we will be having. These will be called clinics and will focus on one station that is held during the main event. Be sure to be quick to sign up for the clinics as well, the last trap clinic filled very fast.


  1. If you need help with BLAIR women Take Aim, I am a A Chief range safety officer, and samall arms instructor.
    I would like to help if needed.


    1. On April 1st at 830am we will open online registration and start accepting paper applications. The applications will be loaded on the website in a few days. We suggest dropping the paper applications off in person because of how quickly it fills up.


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