3D Archery 2023

Opens on April 1st at 8:30AM

Normal open time is 830AM everyday during the summer season. Earlier start times are available upon request. Call 814-942-8522 to schedule.

The course consists of 20 3D targets on a marked trail through the forest. Each target will have three colored shooting positions. Green will be set up near 20 yards from the target to help new or less experienced shooters. Orange will be placed at varying distances as hunter pins to simulate a difficult hunting shot. Yellow pins will be placed in varying positions to simulate a pro or competition shot.

The course will be open everyday and both members and nonmembers are permitted to shoot. A fee must be paid at the lodge before shooting and there are reduced prices for members and children under 18. Crossbows are not allowed on the course. Field points only. No broadheads are permitted.


Non-Member Single $ 10.00
Non-Member Year $ 60.00
Non-member youth $ 5.00
Member Single $ 5.00
Member Year $ 30.00
Member youth $ 3.00

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