Tuckahoe Valley Militia

Black Powder Committee of Blair County Game, Fish & Forestry Association, Inc.
Affiliate Club of Pennsylvania Federation of Black Powder Shooters.

2023 Shoot Dates

Join us for our muzzleloader events this year, experienced and novice shooters, all are welcome! Spectators are also encouraged!!

March 25: Fun Shoot hosted by Tuckahoe Valley Militia at 9AM. Paper and novelty targets, light lunch available. Banquet at 6PM, contact Jeff or Samantha Warner for Banquet information.

April 22: Woods Walk at 9AM. Steel targets only, limited paper shots (tie breaker). (Any muzzle loading rifle)

May 6: Pistol Match 9AM

May 13: PA Company of Rifleman Spring Tryouts.

November 11: Woods Walk at 9AM. Legal PA Flintlock season guns only.

December 9: Rest Match at 11AM. Any muzzle loading rifle.

Contact us at blaircountygame@gmail.com for more information.

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