Ham Pot Pie Dinner

Every year in January we have a membership dinner. Volunteers make homemade noodles, cut potatoes and cook the Ham Pot Pie. The dinner is a pot luck style for all other food options. Food Prep starts around 2pm. (2021 Jan. 31st) Volunteers needed 8

Landowners Dinner

Since 1958 our organization has hosted a special dinner to honor landowners who have helped local sportsmen by either allowing hunting or fishing on their lands. Volunteers prepare and serve a family style dinner with roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and stuffing for around 75 people. Help is needed preparing food during the day and serving the meal in the evening. (2022 March) Volunteers needed 10 – 15 throughout the day.

Blair Women Take Aim

Since 2015 Blair Game has hosted an event for only women. Over the course of the day 100 women participate in 10 different outdoor activities/events. Most of the activities are taught by club volunteers. (2021 May 15th) Volunteers needed 50-60. Lunch setup/serving, range instruction/support, parking, registration along with other general help.

Blair Women Take Aim Setup

With a whole day event we spend a lot of time and effort preparing. We need volunteers for setting up stations and preparing our facility to host a public event.
Cleaning buildings and pavilions
Building canopies and distributing tables and chairs
Range Repair and setup
Beautifying the grounds

Ox Roast Festival

Since 1947 we have hosted an Ox Roast Festival during the Sunday and Monday of Labor Day weekend. More info on the Ox Roast can be found here. Volunteers are needed before, during and after the event. (Cancelled 2020)
Setup Sept 4th and 5th
Grounds preparation
Canopy setups

Lodge cleaned and bingo set up
Garage cleaned and flea market/knife ring toss set up
Kitchens cleaned


Lodge Landscape

Directly around the lodge needs care in the spring summer and fall months. We are looking for volunteers to help keep the area weeded throughout the year. May- September can be once every month or so as needed. 2-4 Volunteers needed.

Flower boxes on the property

Every year we try to plant flowers all over the public areas. Volunteers can help plant and/or maintain these throughout the summer and fall. May-September Can be 2 times a month. 2-4 volunteers needed.


There are a lot of plants and trees that need fall maintenance. Cutting back bushes, decorative grass and trees is needed. Late September or October, 3-6 volunteers needed.

Trail Maintenance

We have miles of trails that are frequented often by hikers and hunters throughout the year. These trails have been established well but every year they need some maintenance to keep them open. Light maintenance is needed for all trails every year that can be done with rakes, shovels or a weed eater. April – October volunteers are needed. Number of volunteers is unlimited.

Archery Course

Maintenance of the 3d archery course is needed. During the summer our archery course goes through trails in the woods. Those trails need work with light tools like rakes, shovels or a weed eater. Volunteers do not need experience in archery just the ability to walk trails with tools. May – September volunteers are needed. Number of volunteers is 2-4

Bee keeping

We are looking to bring honey bees onto the property in 2021. We are in need of boxes and other tools and volunteers that are interested in helping specifically with this project.


We are always open to new habitat projects. Building bird boxes,

Let us know you are interested below