22LR Groundhog Shoot 2018

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Starts May 24th at 6pm until 8pm Runs every Thursday for 8 weeks. (July 12th)

There will be weekly winners. Top Score for that night as well as top classes depending on number of entries.

$6 a week to shoot and every week stands on its own. You can shoot one week or 8 weeks.


30 shots total, 5 shots per target. 5 targets at 75yrds off the bench. 5 shots standing at 50 yards (no leaning or support from any object). Total points will be combined from both positions

You will have 15mins to shoot the bench shots and 3 minutes for the standing. (First weeks we will provide 20mins)

No bench buddies or bench vise apperatus. Bipods are allowed. Sandbags or other props may be used. The butt of the gun is free with only the shooters body to rest against.

$0.50 per shooter each week will be set aside for top score from all weeks.