22LR Groundhog Shoot

2021 start date: June 7th at 6pm

Non-Ox Roast Results: Sept. 7th, 10am

6pm until 8pm Runs every Monday for 10 weeks.

There will be weekly winners. Top Score for that night as well as top classes depending on number of entries.

$6 a week to shoot and every week stands on its own. You can shoot one week or 8 weeks.


30 shots total, 5 shots per target. 5 targets at 75yrds off the bench. 5 shots standing at 50 yards (no leaning or support from any object). Total points will be combined from both positions

You will have 15mins to shoot the bench shots and 3 minutes for the standing. (First weeks we will provide 20mins)

No bench buddies or bench vise apperatus. Bipods are allowed. Sandbags or other props may be used.

$0.50 per shooter each week will be set aside for top score from all weeks.

2020 Results

2019 Results

2018 results

Week 1 Results
Week 2 Results
Week 3 Results
Week 4 Results
Week 5 Results
Week 6 Results
Week 7 Results
Week 8 Results

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