The range is open due to weather and scheduling conflicts with the work that needs done. As soon as we know what is going on we will pass the word.

From June 12th thru June 15th our pistol range will be closed for renovations. The membership and board approved a portion of the range to be renovated with a concrete floor. During this time we will not have any ranges available at the 5 to 10 yards distances. This minor inconvenience will provide us time to make your shooting experience even better. There are a lot of improvements in the works this summer so check back for other temporary closures.

One thought on “June Pistol Range Renovations

  1. When my friends and I were around 22 years old. We would go down and shoot our pistols, rifles and just enjoy the day. We did this off and on for years. Then we didn’t go down for almost 30 years. Went down last summer (2019) and joined up, I have been going down in the early mornings to shoot my pistol.
    Yeah the upper pistol range does need some serious work done on it. But this didn’t stop me from coming down. I would love to live in that area. Well keep up the good work.

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