What is a Sight-in Day?? We offer 3 days this year that only allow hunting rifles on our main range. With the limited use we also have range officers available to handle large crowds and volunteers that are willing to help those that have difficulty sighting in their rifles.

This year the days are Sat. Nov. 23 and 24th as well as Friday Nov. 29th.

Food and drinks will be available in the Lodge as well as a toasty fire. Members and Non-members ($10 range fee) are welcome to come out and shoot hunting rifles on the main range or all other guns on the other available ranges.

We also are always looking for more help. If you want to help on these days please stop in or call. Good luck to all this hunting season.

2 thoughts on “Sight-in Days! This weekend.

  1. If I am looking to become a member, would it be best to mail in the application or just drop it off? I wanted to come out this weekend and see it all! Thanks


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