It was a very tough decision but to keep our members safe we must close at this time. We are going day by day and will post any updates as we get them. Feel free to email or Facebook message us for any issues.

The grounds and buildings will be cared for by our live in caretakers. Everything will be secured and kept ready for our reopening.

Remember, we are in it together as a country, as a community and as a club. We will prevail! Stay safe everyone. We will miss you all while we are closed but we are sure we will see you again soon.

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3 thoughts on “Per Governor Wolf’s order we must close temporarily 3/19/2020

  1. Just wondering if the club is going to do anything to the pistol range. Backing boards last summer were worthless I had to bring my own cardboard to place up so I could staple my targets.
    I am glad that I started coming there again to shoot. Place seems well kept, I did get 1 person to join last summer maybe I can get a few more. Anyways hope the club gets things up and running after this virus scare is over. Stay safe all of you.


    1. Pistol range was fixed up Wednesday. New lumber on the supports and plywood backing plates installed. Please take care not to shoot through 2X4 and 4X4 lumber frames. It would be much appreciated


    2. Ron, these targets are always being fixed. Since you have been here they have probably been fixed 6 or more times. This is what happens when tens of thousands of rounds are shot.


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