Full Steam Ahead!

As of now we are fully operational with memberships/range fees. Currently we are working out of a window on the front porch. Upcoming events are our Ground Hog Shoot (June 8th), Trap shooting is on Sunday and Tuesday. Fire Works are scheduled for June 13th. Our workdays are back to normal (June 13th and 18th). Our Summer Membership picnic is scheduled for June 14th (4pm to 10pm). We will be sending out the next installment of our newsletter in July as well. We extended our preorder Shirt Sale HERE and also added some in stock shirts to add to your order.

Buds Steel Plate range is back up and running. Remember the only targets for center fire pistol are on steel beams. All other targets are 22 caliber rim fire ONLY. NO .223 allowed at all!

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