At the August 8th membership meeting it was voted upon unanimously to suspend the Ox Roast Festival for 2020. We have been discussing our options for the last two months but regrettably are forced to cancel the event due to Governor Wolfs policies.

In place of the Ox Roast Festival we will be holding several small shooting events with the option to purchase picnic foods on Monday, Sept. 7th. Details are being worked out by the committee and will be advertised when plans are finalized.

The gun raffle will still be drawn as advertised, Monday September 7th at 5pm. The drawing and shooting events are open to the public.

The Ox Roast festival is our largest fundraiser of the year, due to this loss we hope our members will step up and help bridge the gap by selling extra tickets and supporting future fundraisers. Other ways to help are visiting our merchandise shop in the lodge or online here.

3 thoughts on “Ox Roast Festival UPDATE!

  1. well its a shame because this is the one weekend i look forward to the most when i get to have the time with friends and family this is my christmas but if the board feels that the govenor is doing the right thing so be it maybe next year


    1. The board doesn’t feel the governor is doing the right thing. The reason we have to change is because of the potential losses and lack of available help. There has already been a firehall that has had their leadership harassed from someone posting their private information online because of an event. Our volunteers will not be wearing masks in a hot kitchen. Most of our shooting events are happening on Labor Day. Our governor has made it ok for people to harass others with no consequences.


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