November Happenings


Sundays (1PM) and Tuesdays (6PM) trap shooting is continuing
Mondays Youth Shooting at 5:30PM
Wednesdays Pistol League Practice at 6PM

Special Dates:

5th Membership Meeting (Thursday) at 7PM. Everyone is welcome.
7th (Saturday) 7-9pm STOP THE BLEED class. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to RSVP if possible.
8th Work Day (Sunday) at 9AM-3PM
12th Auxiliary Meeting (Thursday) at 6:30PM
15th Muzzle Loader Woods Walk (Sunday) at 1PM
19th Work Day (Thursday) at 9AM
21st, 22nd and 27th Sight-In Days


This month is your last chance to sight in before deer season. Come out to our Sight-In Days Nov. 21st, 22nd and 27th. These days are designated for hunting rifles on the Main range. We will have food available and range officers will be stationed at the main rifle range.

22 Indoor Pistol League starts practice this Wed. November 4th at 6pm and will run most Wednesdays until January. Everyone is welcome.

Gun Raffle!

Tickets are still available at the lodge for our special gun raffle. $5 a ticket and only 500 tickets are being sold. These are going quickly so come out and get your chance today.

Trap Range is unavailable on these dates:
7th and 21st

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