Message us or comment and tell us your most favorite time of the year to spend here in Riggles Gap and what great memory you have from that time. Don’t forget, Work Day this Sunday (Jan. 10th). Much more info below:

We began the New Year with a nice coating of ice and snow. All ranges continue to be open with proper footwear. Toward the end of January we will be tapping our marked maple trees for this seasons harvest. Keep an eye out for that date and the dates to follow for processing of the sap. The emergency work day this Sunday (Jan. 10th) at 9am is to cut and split firewood. All are encouraged to come out and get some work done. Dress for cold weather.

Mondays: Youth shooting starting at 5:30pm
Wednesdays: 22 Indoor Pistol league at 6pm
Thursdays: 22 Indoor Bottlecap shoot at 7pm

Membership Meeting: 7th at 7pm
Aux Meeting: 14th at 6:30pm
Second Work Day: 21st at 9am

Training: We have multiple classes scheduled in the next few months for basic pistol and more advanced classes. Check out our Education Station to contact those groups.

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