Gun Rights Under Attack

Recently the Blair County Game, Fish and Forestry Association has decided to provide information on ongoing legislative actions that are important to our members. Under the rules of our bylaws, no candidate shall be endorsed by the Association nor any candidate be able to use the name of the Association to further his or her political interests. With that being said we are able to provide our members information on legislative issues that affect the members of the Association as well as the Association itself.

You will start seeing more information from our website, Facebook and other media concerning future actions that may affect you. If anyone has questions or concerns contact us via Facebook or email at

There’s still time to take action

to protect your Second Amendment rights. Below are links where you can comment to the ATF regarding pistol braces and so called “ghost guns”, and to our U.S. Senators about the confirmation of David Chipman as the next director of the ATF. As gun owners we need to speak up with a united voice to reject arbitrary rule making by the ATF that will criminalize millions of law abiding citizens, and to reject the confirmation of David Chipman, a man who has expressed hostility toward commonly owned firearms. Make your voice heard below.
Pistol Braces

“Ghost Guns”

David Chipman

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