Volunteering 3/11/2023, See you there!

Since the wind storm over the weekend we have some additional items that need addressed this coming volunteer workday. With all of our monthly volunteer days we welcome the young and not so young to get hands on and be an important part of the Blair Game history. There are stories that are told from “back in the day”, fishing in the stream, playing ball in the field or riding bikes in from town. The square dances and rendezvous, Ox Roast and the Land/owners Banquet. All of these memories and stories are because of the passion our members have for the organization. From volunteering for maintenance and upkeep of the grounds to the vision of building this amazing Lodge built in the 1930s to become the symbol of Blair County Game. This facility is here because of YOU.

Be sure to make your own memories by helping your fellow members take care of this shared resource.

Below is the beginning of the list of items for Saturday.

  • Chimney cover needs attached to lower outdoor cooker
  • Woods beyond trap needs organized and cleaned up (Mud Run supplies)
  • Tree branches cleaned up in fields and on ranges
  • Trash picked up all over fields and ranges (wind blew our trash cans)
  • 25 and 50 at high-power need to be replaced.
  • 100, 200, 300 need repair
  • High power range steps need cleaned off
  • Tall grasses cut around the lodge.
  • Flower beds need prepped (dead flowers removed)
  • Pavilion needs organized and cleaned up

Check out our history of volunteers below

One thought on “Volunteering 3/11/2023, See you there!

  1. Hey there, may I ask a couple questions regarding BWTA?

    What all questions are on the registration beside name, address, phone number and shirt size? Since the form isn’t posted yet, and I plan to bring 2 new participants this year and I would like to have all the information ready that I need ( since I will be completing their forms).


    Since I am paying for 4 of us, will I have to pay 4 X’s the fee?

    I appreciate your help with this. Thank you so much. Leigh Ann Reed


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