Volunteer Spring Cleanup Days! 4/29 & 4/30

April 29th and 30th are the two days scheduled for our largest volunteer work days of the year. 9AM – ?  Volunteers will be providing lunch. We have projects for all skill levels and abilities. We realize it will probably rain so under roof projects are a priority.

  • Field trash/branch cleanup
  • Major Range repair/Rebuild
  • Flowerbed prep
  • Weeding/Mulching
  • Stream Cleanup
  • Brass sorting
  • Garage Cleanup
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Raking/leaf blowing
  • Photography
  • Pressure washing
  • Indoor range repair
  • Outdoor kitchen cleaning
  • And more

Ranges are completely repaired by volunteers! If you use particular ranges this is your chance to help repair/rebuild it. We have planned a rebuild of the pistol range as well as the longer distance target areas at the high-power range. We also need help with metal work, particularly at Bud’s range as well. If you are interested but can’t make these work days, please reach out because a lot of work can be done at your own convenience.

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