Blair Women Take Aim Rifle and Pistol Clinic

Attention Women ages 16 and over!

Over the course of 2 hours we will go over the basic use of your handgun and it’s safety features. We will then proceed to the open range and learn how to approach a shooting range safely and courteously. We will be doing live fire during this time with one on one safety instructors focusing on safe handling as well as proper technique. We suggest bringing at least 50 rounds of ammunition to shoot.

After we are done shooting at the range we will head back to the classroom and go over any learning experiences and teach each shooter the proper technique for cleaning your personal gun. A proper holster is recommended but not required.

You are required to bring:

  • A firearm
  • ammunition for that firearm
  • Yourself

You are recommended to bring:

  • A holster
  • gun manual
  • gun cleaning kit

The Rifle and Pistol Clinic has not been scheduled yet. See below for more information:

Rifle/Pistol Clinic
Goal: to understand the basics of shooting on the range and experience different types of guns.
Participants can use rifles and pistols provided by Blair County Game Members and ammo. You are also welcome to bring your own guns. You are required to bring your own ammo to match the gun you bring.

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