Grouse Habitat

In conjunction with the Pennsylvania Game Commission we have begun a grouse Habitat project.

Fall of 2020 the PA Game Commission contracted a spraying company to cover around 100 acres of forest on Blair Game property to prevent fern from growing and allowing saplings time to grow and get established.

In the spring of 2021. We contracted with a logging company to log 36 acres of mountain ground at the direction of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The cut was designed to provide a habitat for the ruffed grouse.

Late Spring: Fencing contract was awarded and installed in May. Fence is to prevent deer from eating the low brush and give time to grow and establish a good cover for grouse. There are 2 large gates and 2 small man gates. All of them are unlocked and the area is accessible for anyone.

Please be sure to secure all gates if you are using them.