Upcoming events! Friday 8/9 thru Sun 8/11

We were notified that we will be without power for about 5 hours between the hours of 9 & 2. The work being done will be at the entrance of our driveway so the road may be temporarily closed or restricted. During this time there will be range work being done to prepare for a muzzleloader shoot this weekend.

Our own Tuckahoe Valley Militia is hosting the Pennsylvania Company of Riflemen’s Annual Benefit shoot on Saturday starting Saturday and Sunday at 9am. The event is open to any muzzleloader shooters. Food will be available and spectators are welcome. The Pay Company of Riflemen is the state flintlock team that competes against other states like Kentucky. Come out and check out the fun.

The main Taylor range will be off limits Friday Evening thru Sunday afternoon for use only by the muzzleloader shooters. All other ranges will be open.

Muzzle Loader Match March 25th 2017

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