Summer adventures

The past few weeks have been full of events and new happenings. In July we had some wind and rain that had us changing up our routine. Power poles were broken when a tree fell on the lines causing a power outage during a storm. Rain caused excess water in the roads and parking lots that needed some TLC afterwards.

We continue the summer finding more of the reptilian/insect/bird/mammal kind. It goes to show if you spend more time outdoors and in the woods you will see so many interesting things.

The latest adventure was hosting a film crew on the property. Shooting for a short film, they were in our woods getting some great shots for their film. They had a lot of people involved to make it happen.

Coming up quickly is our Ox Roast festival which will be taking a lot of time and effort to pull off. Thank fully there are a lot of volunteers that make sure our grounds look good and the event itself goes off as expected.

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