Blair County Second Amendment Sanctuary

You might have noticed in the Altoona Mirror that residents in Blair County want to join the more than 1,900 Second Amendment sanctuary counties nationwide. A link to the July 22 article is below. The goal of making Blair County a sanctuary county is simple; no resources will be used to enforce unconstitutional gun control laws. In order for this to become reality, the Blair County Second Amendment Coalition is collecting signatures to add a question to the November ballot for Blair County voters. In all, we need 3500 signatures. If you are a Blair County or Antis Township resident, you can come to the Blair County Game and sign the petition. If you are interested in joining the Blair County Second Amendment Coalition on Facebook for more updates, there also a link below.

Blair Second Amendment Coalition Facebook Group

One thought on “Blair County Second Amendment Sanctuary

  1. Please post locations and times where signatures are being collected so we may stop by and sign the petition.


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