Watch Your Step

Everyday you have the opportunity to see things in the woods that a lot of others miss. Here at the range we never know what will be lurking outside the door in the morning. Most people know we have a large population of bats on/in/around the main lodge and we constantly are cleaning up the porch. This morning very few bats were found but we did find this guy.

Yes you are seeing things correctly… that would be a black snake holding onto a bat. Our theory from some detective work is the snake was able to climb up into an area the bats roost (around 6am) this morning. By 8am a thump was heard on the porch and this was found. In the end the bat was released and flew away, snake was not happy it lost a good meal.

One thought on “Watch Your Step

  1. Thanks for saving the bat. Our population of bat has decreased dramatically over the years and they are good for our environment. We need to protect those that we have left.


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