In the wake of the horrific events that unfolded in Uvalde, Texas, the Senate and House of Representatives are taking up gun control efforts that, if passed, will severely limit your rights under the Second Amendment. Please take time to contact Pat Toomey and encourage him to work on real solutions that will limit tragedies like we saw unfold in Texas while preserving your right to keep and bear arms. You can send him a message by accessing the link below.

One thought on “ALERT!

  1. Mr Toomey, I voted for you the first time You ran because you said you were a Republican and Republicans claim to be conservative and often Constitutionalists. The 2A is a vital part of protecting the rest of the Constitution. While I am heartbroken that a sick individual would use a gun, OR ANY WEAPON, to take human lives. But sir, I am a law abiding citizen and as such, my freedoms should not be infringed. Limiting or removing my freedoms is not justice, Its unjust. Good guys with guns have stopped bad guys with guns. Evil will always exist, its even in the Bible. Moses tells us of God’s word, his understanding of what’s in our hearts if its not filled with God’s love. These shooters hearts are only black holes a d there are far more effective ways to try to fix those individuals without further infringing on law abiding citizens. I implore you to research the statistics on gun controlled cities. Philadelphia should be a prime place to start.
    With respect, Megan Mountain


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